Instruction for candidates:
1. Switch off your mobile phone(s);
2. No browsing of other websites;
3. No talking or discussion;
4. You can change your answers as long as you do not click on SUBMIT button for the last question;
5. If there is any sign or evidence of attempting to cheat during the examination, the test will be declared null and void.
6.DO NOT refresh or exit your browser while you are inside reading or writing section.
7. Please USE modern browsers like chrome or firefox(latest version of them if possible). Please AVOID using old browsers like Internet explorer or opera mini.

During the Online Main Test (Reading and Writing)
The total length of Online IMICA English Exam is 70 minutes. The Test carries 2 (two) sections:
1. READING SECTION (30 minutes, 30% of the total mark) Task type: 1 (one) long passage with 10 MCQs at the end All MCQ answers are automatically saved within 10 seconds, with the option to submit on the last question.
2. WRITING SECTION (40 minutes, 40% of the total mark) Task type: 1 (one) essay question, requiring a typed in response of 250 words minimum.
NOTE: Candidate needs to complete Reading section first, only after that he or she may start writing section. Timer will start the countdown, when the candidate starts one of the exams. Once the timer ends, the paper will be automatically saved and submitted.